Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

Our weekend seemed to fly by which was okay because everything we did was fun and the weather was perfect!
The girls still had plenty of time to do some crafting, coloring and playing.
We spent Sunday at a friends watching Football all day and Saturday we celebrated my dads birthday.
I made sure to find some time to make two of my favorite Fall sweets, apple pie and chocolate chip pumpkin bread.
The pie is already gone and we are almost out of the pumpkin bread so it looks like I have some more baking to do, loving this cooler weather!

Here a few shots from our weekend...

This morning are carpets got cleaned so the house needs to be put back together and hopefully the Halloween/Fall decor will come out before the end of the week, the girls have been asking for Halloween decorations for the past two weeks and  I can't let them down!


Billie Jo said...

Shannon..your weekend sounds perfect! Perfectly fall-ish!
Chocolate chip pumkin bread is our favorite here..:
It is fall. Simple as that!

Have a great week, friend!

Colleen said...

now I am craving the pumpkin bread!! ha!!