Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy October!

Tuesday was the first day of October and since I absolutely love this time of year I made sure that the girls would have something fun waiting for them when I picked them up from school!

They each got a bag with some Halloween stickers, coloring packet, some crazy teeth, a Halloween shirt and ghost peeps.

Brooklyn enjoyed eating all her peeps first thing and then went on to color and play with her stickers.

Here are both of the girls with their crazy teeth.

A few weeks ago we got some great pictures and I was so happy to finally have a family picture that I liked so I ordered it on canvas right away and once it came it got hung on the wall in the family room.  Not sure if this is it's forever spot since I would prefer it somewhere more visible but for now this is the only spot I have for it.

 Wednesday afternoons are always rough for Brooklyn, she is just wiped out come afternoon time.   We had just snuggled up to watch a Halloween cartoon and all of a sudden she moved to the other side of the couch and passed out.

Kayla was playing on the computer, her favorite thing to do.
She knows if she has been good and gets done with her homework she gets the special treat of playing games online, right now she enjoys the games on

Thursday morning while the girls were in school I switched out our slipcovers on our sofas.  Nothing changed they are still white we just needed new ones because after 4 1/2 years they were not looking too pretty.   After that was done I decided we needed some pumpkins so I went to Home Depot and got a few orange pumpkins for cheap.
Perfect for the girls to carve later on and good for some decorating in the meantime.
Soon I'll go to Trader Joe's and pick up some pretty Cinderella pumpkins and some more white ones hopefully, unless they are gone before I get there.

Thursday's Kayla stays later because she is a part of her schools singing group and Brooklyn and I like to go watch her practice which only leaves little Brooklyn sad that she can't participate. 
We came up with a plan that Kayla can teach Brooklyn all the songs and moves and they can put on a little Halloween concert for the grandparents come Halloween night.
Here's Kayla teaching her little sister what to do

That's it for our week, I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll try to get some pictures of our home decorated for Fall to share sometime next week but in the meantime you can go check out some Fall decorating over at where they featured our Fall Family room as well as a few other bloggers' family rooms from last year.


Sarah said...

LOVE that Anne of Green Gables quote! And those teeth are a riot! Your package was a fun idea!

Billie Jo said...

Love this, Shannon!

I love the surprise Hallloween treats for your sweet girls. : )

Have a great autumn weekend, my friend! : )

simply bev said...

Such cute girls...and I'm a big fan of Anne of Green Gables!

Colleen said...

love these pictures. you are so fun getting them a little treat like that.
love your canvas! what size is that? said...

Such fun Fall goodness. Love, love, love this time of year!