Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ten On Ten

ten on ten button

Happy Ten on Ten!
This morning I was off to the doctors right after drop off so I had to actually get up and get myself ready this morning along with my crazies.
Lunches were made and sat out for them to grab on their way out to the car.

a quick pic of the girls all ready to go

obviously I'm not much of a morning person if I can put my daughters shoes on, even tie and double knot one of them and then realize I put them on the wrong feet.

Don't judge me on my breakfast, I was starving since I had to fast for blood work and the only nearby place to get breakfast was Carl's Jr.
Trust me this was not a yummy breakfast!

It rained all night and the flowers still look beautiful sitting on my table outside.

Picked up this one from preschool.

Home after a quick trip to the grocery store for a few necessities.

As soon as she saw mommy drinking a warm chai tea she decided she needed some "warm cocoa", does she look excited or what!

We picked up Kayla who is doing absolutely amazing in school this year, so proud of her!!

Lasagna for dinner tonight, it's now in the oven while I am enjoying one of the necessities I picked up from the grocery store earlier today.

Happy Weekend Friends!


Billie Jo said...

Oh I hated those "I have to go somewhere right after drop off mornings"...

Too much effort to get us all out the door looking presentable. : )

And the fasting blood work? Ugh!

Steve and I just did that last week. And then went and got doughnuts. And I wonder why my cholesterol is bad. ; )

You girls are the sweetest!

Kelli said...

Looks like a good day Shannon! Enjoy your 4 day weekend!

{cindy} said...

look at that toothless smile by the fireplace!:) and the concentration on her face while that!
our girls are thrilled with cocoa too!
and your flowers, both sets, are beautiful!
have a happy day shannon

Mckenzie Monroe said...

beautiful photos! looks like such a fun day!