Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween has come and gone and it's hard to even remember all the fun that we had.
The day started with hanging out with little Brooklyn at her preschool, they had an orange/crazy hair day and while I only planned on helping out and enjoying a few hours with her class I ended up staying until noon when is when I  take her home anyway.
So without getting anything done that I had planned to while both girls were in school I instead rushed home and ran around like crazy trying to get done what really needed to get done before picking up Kayla from school, showering and the family arriving.
After a glass of wine and listening to a very eager 6 year old beg to put her costume on for hours I finally got one kid dressed in her peacock costume while the other decided that an hour before everyone would arrive would be a good time to take a nap!
I eventually got her up and got her dressed into the cutest bumble bee costume I've ever seen and the party was ready to begin.
Everyone had arrived and we all took our annual family photos with the girls all dressed up, all that was missing was my nephew, Jonas whose parents called to let us know he was having a very bad day and they would not be making the long trek out this Halloween.
We were all a bit sad not being able to spend his first Halloween with him but the party must go on.
We ate panini's and tomato soup all while listening to Brooklyn ask every 3 seconds if we could go trick or treating yet?
At one point the doorbell rang and as the girls raced to open it and give out the candy we instead saw baby Jonas and his parents.
It was a great surprise to see his little face and of course his parents as well :)
His mommy and daddy made him a turtle costume and he did a little trick or treating with us until he decided that eating back in a warm house would be a better idea.
However the girls kept on trick or treating and after running from house to house we went back home to eat dessert and watch some Halloween movies.
It was getting late and Brooklyn was ready for bed so everyone said their goodbyes and headed on out. 
The entire day was a whirlwind and over so quickly but I'm learning that is usually how it goes, good thing I have this "ole  blog to help me remember it!


Billie Jo said...

Shannon...your girls look amazing!!!
Love the costumes!

I know exactly what you mean about the day being a is like much excitement and planning...and then...Bam...its over...

Like you...I am glad I have this bloggy land to keep the memories. : )

Happy November, Bloggy friend!

Colleen said...

Love the pic of the baby!
The costumes are adorable!!! I saw the one of B on IG and I just loved it.

Becca said...

So glad we could come! Thanks for having us!

Kelli said...

Love the costumes Shannon. Juliana was a bee also!
It looks like you had a wonderful night!