Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ten On Ten

It's already November 10th meaning it's time for Ten on Ten!
I'm linking up over here and sharing our Sunday with you all!

ten on ten button

Grandma came to stay overnight with us Saturday night while papa and daddy went camping.
I woke up to this at 6:30am, they were playing games all morning!

Of course they stopped to eat some yummy homemade donuts

After some breakfast it was back to playing games, I joined in to play while I drank my favorite iced chai tea.

The games of the morning

Kayla loves to read and does it so well, she's only 6 and reading chapter books.
She started Stuart Little this morning.

The girls and grandma, they were sad to see her leave.

After lunch I figured I should get some things done so off Kayla and I went to Home Depot to pick up some flowers for the front yard.
The girls helped plant them for about 10 minutes and then they were over it and wanted to play instead.

I also got my paperwhites planted and ready for the holidays!

After a shower it was time to get dinner started.
Making this tonight and the house smells delicious right now.

A little Thanksgiving decor, can't believe there are only a few more weeks and then we'll be dragging out the Christmas decorations!!
I'm starting to feel the stress of the holidays beginning and have so much to get done.
Looking forward to another day off tomorrow.


Kelli said...

It looks like a great day..
How do you grow paperwhites? I do not see any soil in your pot.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I love Paperwhites during the winter season!
What brand of Chai do you like ?
I make real Indian Chai hot tea I make myself and love it but it's hard to find a brand that isn't to sweet.
I hear ya I am stressed about the holidays and I hate that.I want to enjoy them but I don't know how to. Giftcards then I don't have to wrap everything. Lol

Monique said...

Lovely photos, those donuts look so yum!

Shelley McGrew said...

Terrific day.

Billie Jo said...

What a perfect, perfect day!

And I love the peek at you beautiful kitchen : )

Aren't visits with Grandma the best?!

Have a wonderful day, my friend...

freegreenbird said...

Beautiful pictures!