Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ten On Ten

ten on ten button

Ten photos for Ten hours on the tenth of the month. 
Sharing our Tuesday in December with all of you.

 Seems our elf picked up some boots and a scarf must be the chilly weather we've been having.

off to school 

after a quick stop to the grocery store and starbucks it's back home I go

 wrapped a couple presents for the girls in their wrapping paper they colored and then printed out some favorite holiday pictures of them, glittered the edges and tied them on.

time to catch up on some favorite magazines and recorded shows

one is back from school and coloring in some more wrapping paper for me so I can get some more presents wrapped

 wrote a little note to Kayla in our Mommy and Me Journal

 received my pretty prints I ordered from this talented artist

and then picked up my little artist from art class

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Shelley McGrew said...

Great day. Love the hand-colored gift wrap paper what a great concept.

Billie Jo said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful life, my friend!!!!

Elma said...

Love the gift wrap to!! I also have those same prints!! So beautiful!!!

Kelli said...

Our elf picked up the same scarf and boots this weekend as well!

I love the paper my Joann's did not have any left :(

designchic said...

Such great images - it's thel ittle things isn't it?! Like the biggest smiles...adorable!!

Colleen said...

beautiful tree Shannon! love the wrapping paper too. cute idea.