Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back to the Grind

I'm sitting in a quiet house watching Chelsea Lately re-runs and drinking a warm chai latte and even though I do actually miss my girls being home all day it is so nice to do absolutely nothing with nobody screaming "MOOOMMM!" throughout the house.

Kayla went back on Monday and came home extremely tired and cranky.  Luckily I was prepared and no matter how hard she pushed me I stayed as calm as could be.  Yes, after this day I have come to the conclusion that she has a quota to fill on making mommy loose it.  She stood in the hallway and argued with me for 5 minutes on how to lay on her bed because she was tired. Everything from "how do I take a nap with my blanket when my stuffed animals are on it" to "I don't know where to put the stuffed animals that are on my bed"  came out of her mouth in the whiniest voice of course and she was so serious, I had to laugh and ask her if she was just trying to make me loose it.  Eventually she gave up and passed out until dinner time and woke up a much better person.  We are still working on getting back in the swing of homework and reading but other than that the rest of the week has been much better.  Both of the girls have gone to bed easier than ever this week exhausted after their long days back to the grind and luckily the weeks just about over!

Here are little peeks of what we've been up to,

Kayla got an easy bake oven for Christmas and Sunday night she made chocolate chip cookies for Brooklyn and her to share for dessert. 

I've been drinking a lot of tea lately as well as working out, time to get healthy again!

a little rearranging and decorating always happens after the new year.  This is Kayla's room she wanted the giraffe print and it goes perfectly with the you are my sunshine print.  That song has always and still does calm her down when she is really upset.

and then there is Brooklyn's magical room, girl is obsessed with unicorns so I thought this picture would be perfect next to her bed and a few of her stuffed unicorns(believe me there are more than just those!)

Brooklyn has been spending every free second playing with all her barbies, we have had shoes and barbie clothes strung across the house all week.  She lines the dolls all up, they are at a concert and then Brooklyn sings them a song and afterwards they all clap and scream VERY loudly.

When I need a break from the concert goers screaming I've been reading her her books she got from Christmas.  I think I enjoy reading them as much as the girls love hearing them. 

Other than that the week has been nice soon enough softball season will start and we will rarely be home in the evenings so I'm enjoying the lazy evenings as much as possible for now.
Tomorrow is Ten on Ten so I'll be back with more photos.


Colleen said...

We have had the same crabbiness here too. Em said she was so tired this morning and i said I know we all are getting back into the routine.

I am cracking up at the barbies. E does the same thing. Gymnastics or Dancing usually followed by clapping. it's hysterical.

Jo said...

I can't dare suggest that anyone is might be tired in this house cause then the whole meltdown starts all over again.

Billie Jo said...

We never get to big for a much needed nap, right? ; )
Glad the transition back to reality has gone fairly smoothly for ya Shannon...and quiet Me time is essential. Everyday.

Love your home. Always do.

And I know of a little someone here that would love to be a back up singer for sweet Brooklyn's concerts. : )

Enjoy your evening, my far away friend!

Kelli said...

Yes it has been a hard week here as well with the kids.
I love your cute tea cup!
I really need to start exercising.... It has been over a year! The problem is I have no motivation. Maybe when I put a pair of shorts on this summer I will find the motivation.