Wednesday, May 21, 2014

10 More School Days

I can't believe Summer starts for us in less than two weeks!  The school year has once again flown by.  Since softball, t-ball and bringing home homework have ended we have had an entire week to just relax and enjoy each other.  The weather has cooled down tremendously this week as well so we have enjoyed some afternoons lounging in the yard, making crafts and having some afternoon movie watching together. Last Friday night Brooklyn's school hosted a family fun night where the girls had a blast running around like crazy and came home filthy enough to prove it!  This past week has me even more excited for the upcoming lazy days of Summer, only 10 more school days to go! 

the girls enjoyed watching the movie Epic

chalk board adhesive and chalk markers turned the side of my wine cabinet into a fun place to get creative

Kiwi Crate box fun!

Worlds most patient cat, he's always getting pampered with dress up clothes, tiara's and jewelry


Billie Jo said...

Soooo many smiles and laughs in this one, my friend.
Here's to summer!

SSM said...

Hello Shannon,
I'm going to have to check out what the movie Epic is about. You're always keeping me up to date on the kids go to movies.
Enjoy your weekend.