Saturday, May 3, 2014


Seven years ago today I fell madly in love with this little girl.  I can remember the first year as a mother so vividly, I loved every second of it even the up all night nursing you part.  Time has gone by so fast and you are turning into such a beautiful young girl!  Although I truly miss the little toddler days of playing in the backyard, painting or just cuddling on the couch all day I am enjoying getting to know who you are and the young lady you are becoming. 
 You are a social butterfly and love being around your friends, 
you have become an amazing softball player, a true natural. 
Still as stubborn as ever and can argue with me over anything.
You are a book of knowledge and love to read.  
My favorite time of day is when we have the time to plop onto your bed and read a book together. 
 You love watching sports with your dad and playing catch out in the backyard.
You are always ready to spend a day shopping and going out to lunch with me, our "Mommy, Kayla time"
You love your little sister despite the arguing now and then and I love listening to the two of you playing together using your vivid imaginations.
we are beyond proud of you and love you more than you know!

Happy 7th Birthday!!!

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Billie Jo said...

Happy birthday to your little sweetie!
Love the video!
Nice job, Mommy!