Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites

Today I'm sharing a favorite online shop, called Soft Surroundings and although I haven't actually made a purchase from there yet I have had my eye on a few items for quite awhile and might just be ordering something soon!  They don't only sale home decor they also have clothing, jewelry and gifts.  I tend to spend a lot of time browsing through their home furniture and decor because I love the style of all of it.  Here a few of my favorites,

Galiena Two Drawer Console

I love these two chests and I do need something in the bedroom to go under the t.v.??

Le Havre Chest

I don't have room for this below but it is pretty and would be perfect in a guestroom or hallway to store linens.

Fantine Linen Cabinet

I've been eyeing this chair below for a long time.  I love this style chair and have been debating switching out our ikea chair in the family room for this one or

Helena Chair I

 this one!  

Petit Salon Chair

The other night I showed hubby this pillow and told him "I've been in love with this pillow for almost a year now but just don't know where I would put it?"  He looked at me like I was completely crazy, I know I'm not the only person who falls in love with home decor!

Tuscan Scroll Pillow

Okay back to the chair switch out, I'm worried those other two chairs will not be comfy enough for Ms. Kayla to do her reading on so maybe this one below would be better for our family.

Provence Matelasse Chair

I have so many other furniture items I wanted to list for you all but this post would get out of hand so lets move along now shall we.  Other than the gorgeous furniture they also have amazing decor!  I am a sucker for silhouettes and it can't get any better if it's of a bird and a cage on vintage writing paper!

Liberte Silhouette

This mirror is so perfect for a bathroom to load all my perfumes on.

Mirrored Tray

I could always use more mercury candle holders, right?

French Twist Candlestick

This is so sweet for a garden or even indoors.

Little French Girl

This picture is so pretty, I love the colors in it.

Plum Island Print 2

I'm thinking a new mirror for the front bathroom would bring so much character to the room and I think this one below is perfect!

Isabella Mirror

So I hope you enjoyed a few of my favorites from a favorite online site of mine.  Let me know what you find from Soft Surroundings that ends up being your favorite!

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Kelli said...

Oh I see some cute stuff! I love the candle holder!

Slightly Askew Designs said...

WOW! Gorgeous pieces!
Thanks so much for linking up! :) Andrea

Becca said...

These are all so you! Pretty!

Sabrina said...

I just bought a really similar version of the Provence Matelasse Chair, and it should arrive next week! I'm so excited for a new chair! However, I got mine covered in a dark blue velvet... because I have little boys. White and boys don't mix! :) I can't wait to see what you end up getting.