Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Happy Fall

Last week while Brooklyn and I waited up at Riley's Farms for my nephew and sister n law to meet us we walked around and did a little exploring, that was until we spotted the beautiful bright colors of the flowers ahead of us.  I could not believe how beautiful they all were!  I really need to get back up there to pick some, they are only 25 cents a stem!!  Whenever we have seen the flowers in the past it was usually mid October when we are there picking out our pumpkins and by then the flowers are on their way out, faded and not so pretty.  This time they were so pretty!
 At first, Brooklyn was a bit scared walking up and down the aisles because of all the bees but once she spotted the butterflies she was running up and down the aisles and I was a bit more worried she was going to get stung.  Luckily the bees left us alone and we got to enjoy all the beauty around.  I thought sharing all of these beautiful pictures would be a great way to start of our first day of Fall,


Stacey said...

Look at all those zinnias! My favorites and they are so easy to grow from seeds. Your daughter is precious out there. :)

Apsara Flowers said...

Lovely flowers, zinnias might be easy to grow but you really need take good care of them to get such a wonderful bloom.