Thursday, September 18, 2014


This week flew by, we've been busy getting things around the house taken care of.  I've also been baking a lot and making delicious dinners.  I'm in full on Fall mode and finally the weather today cooled down to the low 80's, not ideal but I'll take it after the humid 100+ temps earlier this week!

Tuesday we got the carpets cleaned in most of the house so we were stuck in hubby's man cave if we wanted to watch tv

I sat in the kitchen and watched tv from there and worked on the computer

A quick run to the store earlier this week I found some fun white pumpkins and today I put all our Halloween/Fall decor out.  Both girls squealed and screamed with excitement when they walked in the house and saw everything!

Kayla helped me make a delicious dinner this week.

We got the table all set and then got the call that hubby had to stay and work overtime because of the storms we were all bummed but dinner still tasted really good!

Rustic Penne Shrimp Pasta & Cream Sauce
we eliminated the red peppers since I'm the only one that likes them.  It was so good, recipe found here 

Last night I baked up some butterscotch brownies for dessert because apparently chocolate chip pumpkin bread was not enough stuff for us to snack on this week.   Today Brooklyn and I went apple picking after I picked her up from school so now we have a ton of apples to turn into desserts for the next week so it looks like there will be more baking to come.  I'm hoping I can post all the cute pictures of apple picking tomorrow sometime.
Can't believe the weekend is just about here!


Billie Jo said...

You knew I would love this one, right?!?
Fall all over!!!
Thanks for the recipe link...looks so good.
And you sweetie helping you cook...She looks so sweet. Love her dress!
Enjoy all things apple!
Post pics!!!
Have a great weekend, my friend. : )

Kelli said...

Your dinner looks wonderful. We are starting to cool down here as well.
Looking forward to seeing pictures of your home decorated for fall.