Thursday, October 23, 2014

Friday Favorites

Since it is Fall and all I thought I would share my favorite soups for Friday Favorites.  Unfortunately we haven't had many soup nights here but fingers crossed that that changes in the next week or two.  
If you love soups be sure to give some of these, if not all of these a try. We love them around here!

I make this soup every year for Halloween night, usually in advance and freeze it and I make A LOT so we are stocked through the cold months.
We also like this version of Tomato Soup as well, if we run out of our freezer stock I will make this one to switch things up a bit.

this soup is easy and delicious what more could you ask for?

Kayla loves chicken noodle soup so I make this especially for her.  I follow this recipe except I use store bought chicken stock, shhhh don't tell Ina!

all of the veggies just makes me feel healthy and the cannellini beans give it such a hearty flavor but make sure you make the baguette croutons to go with it.

I never knew kale was so delicious until I made this soup, seriously the kale makes this soup.  I would say it's one of my favorites but really I love all of these soups the same except....

This is my favorite, in fact it's the entire families favorite well minus Brooklyn but she rarely eats anything at dinner anyway.  Kayla has been requesting this since August and I have yet to make it because it has not been cold enough here.  This soup calls for the perfect weathered day and I'm hoping that is in the next few weeks!  I don't add the bell peppers in since hubby and Kayla aren't fans but it is served in a bread bowl just as the recipe shows and is AMAZING!  You really must try it.



Maren Hall Arnold said...

Hello from the link up! Tomato Basil soup paired with grilled cheese sandwiches sounds like the perfect fall combo. I hope you get cooler weather so you guys can enjoy some soup!

Brownie said...

Mmmm thanks for sharing! I hope to make many of these in the coming weeks. I love soup! Have a fabulous weekend!

April Parrish said...

I love soups! You featured some yummy ones I would love to try! :)

Katy Potaty said...

What a delish bunch of soups - I'm going to try that Vegetable one right now!