Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Since the girls were out of school on Monday and hubby also had the day off we got up and headed out to the pumpkin patch to get some pics and pick out some cute pumpkins.  I always love the colors that the pumpkins on the vines add to pictures so I look forward to taking these pictures every year.  This year though the area where we usually take pictures was closed off and not open yet to the public and I knew the girls were not going to walk far enough to get to an area that was open so I settled for what I could get and went on with the day.

Daddy was behind me doing who knows what to get these girl to smile, obviously it was working!

My corny girls,

After taking a few pictures we headed over to the pumpkin aisles.  I love all the varieties of pumpkins they have every year.  The girls each get to pick out a pumpkin and I usually pick a few as well.  My only rule is no orange pumpkins.....we can go to Trader Joe's and get those for $2.99 no need to spend $10.00- $20.00 for one here!

Kayla was all about the wheel barrel, she was happy to push around our pumpkins all morning.

Not quite sure if she understood me when I said pumpkin but this is what she ended up with and she was not about to change it out for any of the other 58 I recommended!!

She was in a hurry to get everyone else out of the pumpkin aisles so she could make her way over to climb the hay barrels.

I'm amazed I got this picture of both of them at the top because once Brooklyn got to the top she was freaking out and just like the last 2 years daddy had to climb up and help a crying Brooklyn down.

Okay these scarecrow pictures might just be my favorite because look at those faces, for some reason they both look younger to me here and I'm not gonna lie I wish they were!!!

Well here is what ended up with,
 my big pumpkins holding their little pumpkins that they chose this year.

See ya next year pumpkin patch!


Billie Jo said...

Love your pumpkin patch pics, Shannon!!!!!
Your girls are so precious...
And yes, we wish we could turn back time...don't we?!
Enjoy the autumn!!!

Becca said...

These pictures are all so good! I love their sassy poses in their boots and Brooklyn's adorable giggle!