Saturday, April 25, 2015

Our Week

Weeks are flying by and I'm getting schedules wrong even with my filled in hour by hour planner.  It seems we have so much going on and so much planning that I'm trying to take care of that everything is getting mixed up but somehow we will survive.  Only 6 full weeks of school left and 3 more weeks of softball!  Oh I can't wait!!!

Monday morning we took Kayla to school and then Brooklyn and I went to Target to pick up some birthday presents for Kayla's 8th birthday coming up.

After Target Brooklyn and I had a movie date!  We went to see Monkey Kingdom.   Kayla has a field trip with her class to go and see it next week(which I thought was this week) and Brooklyn wanted to see it too so I told her we would go see it on our own. 

Love having one on one time with my girls and I'm soaking it all in with this one since next year she will be in Kindergarten and at school everyday.

Brooklyn enjoying the merchandise at Target, this girl can always put a smile on my face

After the movie we grabbed lunch, stopped at Homegoods and then headed home.  I'm gonna miss having a little one sleeping in the backseat after a morning of shopping with me!

We've had the warmest weather all month but this week we finally got a week of cloudy, cold and even a bit of drizzle.  I decided to make Barefoot Contessa's Lemon Yogurt Cake while the girls were both at school

It came out so pretty but I would definitely change the glaze up next time around.   The recipe calls for a lemon glaze which makes this a bit too tart.  Next time I'll try a little less lemon and maybe a bit more of a vanilla flavor.

Kayla had practice on Monday night and then they added practice for her again for Tuesday night.  She already had a game on Wednesday so we all decided we were gonna take a break on Tuesday night and not attend practice.   Instead we went for a long walk or scooter/bike ride if you were one of the girls.  It was much better than sitting through another practice that's for sure!

Kayla was a little tired by the time we got back home but what I really wanted to get a picture of was her outfit.  She had a lot going on and then seeing her ride around on her bright colored bike, it was too funny.

After bath Brooklyn brought out a few of her favorite ballet books and decided before we read them she would do some practicing.  She said she missed ballet and I knew she would just don't know how we are going to fit that back into their schedules come Fall since they both wanted to sign up for soccer this year.

Kayla read in the living room after her bath enjoying some quiet time while we were in the other room.

Wednesday morning breakfast with my little buddy

It was Earth Day so I grabbed a book we had to read to Brooklyn and figured it would be a perfect day to plant the flowers the girls received from their aunt, uncle and cousin.

Brooklyn did hers in the morning while Kayla was in school and Kayla did hers when she got home

Kayla had also brought home a sign she colored at school and wanted to make sure we could hang it on their bathroom door.

Then the girls played for a bit
(ummm are you comfortable Brooklyn?!)

and ate a snack before heading off to both of their Wednesday night games

daddy watched Brooklyn's game

while I watched Kayla's game

Thursday after school was a day without softball and the girls played and watched cartoons.  I made our favorite dinner, corn chowder in bread bowls.  Perfect evening at home!

Friday afternoon Kayla had an awards assembly.  They were giving out the read a thon awards so Brooklyn and I went to see Kayla receive hers. 

Brooklyn was just as excited as Kayla was too receive the award when she found out the award came with a coupon for a free meal to John's Incredible Pizza.  Both of them spent the remaining part of the day asking when we could go??!!!

Friday evening was spent freezing at the softball fields of course!!   I was(we all were) hoping Brooklyn's game would be canceled since it had been wet and drizzly for most of the day but the game was still on.  So we bundled up and ended our Friday night cheering on our littlest softball player.  She got a good hit and she could not have been more proud of herself!

Kayla and I smooshed together trying to warm each other up in between her running off to another field to support some of her friends who were playing nearby.  


Billie Jo said...

Shannon...I always enjoy sharing your weeks with you!
I love how much you love your girls and your family life. : )
And please tell them...we love Peppa Pig in this house too!
Have a cozy weekend! : )

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Looks like Life is Beautiful Enjoy !!! A Happy late Birthday to Your Sweet Girl.

Kristine said...

Kayla slaying it with her awards - what a go-getter!

I'm going to miss having a mini-me once elementary school starts. Forth ate it kinder is a half day so it's more fund to hang out.

Which corn chowder recipe do you use? And do you make your job bread bowls? Text me your recipe!