Friday, September 4, 2015

Life Lately

Friday was our 11 year anniversary and hubby had the day off, we decided we would go out to breakfast while the girls were in school since Friday night Kayla had soccer practice and it would be too late to go out afterwards.  With all the running around we have done lately we decided Saturday night pizza and movies at home with the girls would be better than going out to dinner alone so that is what we did.

After pick up on Friday daddy came out to help me unload the car from a trip to Costco and when we came in we found Brooklyn making her own sandwich for lunch.  She's so self sufficient!

This girl loves to paint so while waiting for Kayla to get home from school she insisted on painting.

 Saturday we spent the morning and afternoon at the girls soccer games.  They both got goals so after Kayla's game we took them out to get yogurt to celebrate.

A few weeks ago I wrote about Kayla and how we weren't too sure about her enjoying soccer but the last two weeks have completely changed because she loves it now and has gotten so good!  She was the first and only one on her team to score a goal and the coaches can't believe she has never played before.  We are so proud of her!!!

After games on Saturday we lounged around and took early showers.  We were all in our pajamas by four and ready to eat pizza and watch a movie!  Brooklyn found the Pandora station on the ipad and now all I listen to is the Teen Beach station.

Monday morning came to quick!
We had some time to kill before heading up to the school so Monday selfies it was.

I just want to keep them at home with me they are too cute!

It's actually cooling down this week so the girls rode scooters home from school and then asked for popsicles as soon as we got inside.

We might have soccer every night but the girls don't waste anytime making a mess before we leave

The downside about having matching pajamas is sometimes the sizes get switched and they end up wearing each others pajamas to bed.  Oops!

Brooklyn was the proud line leader and flag holder this week

My buddy and I off to pick up Kayla from school

Not only was Brooklyn line leader and flag holder but today she was the Star of the Day.  We worked on her all about me poster and she got to present it to her class and was teachers helper for the day.

Kayla seems to be doing a little better about going to school she still has maybe one morning a week she is complaining but as soon as she sees her friends she is fine.

Just walked in the door with my two favorite girls and we are sooooo ready for the 3 day weekend!!

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Happy Labor Day! Enjoy.