Saturday, September 26, 2015

Life Lately

First off this week Brooklyn received an award for Student of the Month!!  We didn't tell her she would be receiving the award but she knew as soon as she walked in and saw us sitting at the assembly that she would be getting one.

Her award said,
"One smart cookie, super effort in all tasks, works hard all day long, good manners and Marvelous writer and illustrator!"
So proud of our sweet girl, she is kicking butt in Kindergarten this year!

Her best buddy also got an award!

After her assembly it was time for Kindergarten pick up so we took her straight to Jack in the Box so she could pick out her kids meal which she enjoyed very much.

Since daddy was home I got put him in charge of picking up Kayla from school while Brooklyn and I ran some errands.  First stop was Target where she really enjoyed checking out all the Halloween decorations.

Earlier this week we were up to our usual schedule, school, homework, soccer practices.  Kayla and her reading, she is currently the top reader in her class and second overall in third grade.  She loves to read, here she is on the way to soccer practice fitting in some more reading on the car ride over.  I woke up this morning, which just so happens to be a Saturday and she was in her bed reading just like every other day.

Brooklyn might just be following in her big sisters footsteps.  Everyday while we wait to pick up Kayla she practices her reading.  She is very excited to one day read chapter books like her big sis!

Wednesdays are the best because there is no soccer practice and the girls spend the afternoon playing together and I get to enjoy their giggles and enjoy just being home.

Brooklyn showing off her fun bracelet she got to make at school to help with counting

and today finally the weekend we have some free time to lounge around and relax before soccer games start.  It's a playing with shopkins and watching Hotel Transylvania morning for the girls while I relax with my tea before the busy day begins.
Happy Weekend!

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Kelli said...

Oh Brooklyn's smile is the best.... She is just adorable! I love all the assemblies you girls school,has.
And Kayla she looks so grown up in the picture with the headband on reading the book. Why are our girls growing up,so fast?
Hope you are having a good week so far.