Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ten On Ten

It's September ten on ten and I'm linking up a peek into my day over here just as I do every month.

ten on ten button

Every morning while the girls are eating breakfast there is music playing, it's either the KidsBop channel or some type of music I want the girls to be familiar with such as The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, or other Classic rock music.

Off to school, Brooklyn had green day for Kindergarten so she is dressed in green from head to toe!

It might be hot as ever here but I just had to bring out some velvet pumpkins for now atleast

Brooklyn is home and finishing up her homework that is due tomorrow.

Soccer practice tonight and some ingredients that were about to expire called for the crockpot.  It sure is nice knowing dinner is taken care of!

The fact that it's still too hot to bring out tons of Fall decor and I just love my seashells scattered around too much to pack them up makes me think I might just want to add pumpkins alongside my seashells this year. 

The only other velvet pumpkin out right now.

Kayla starting on homework with some light reading and then she'll do math and after that she'll ask to get online for a bit to play.   #sopredictable

Lets just be real here and share that my entire day consisted of me sitting here and finishing the very last season of Gilmore Girls this afternoon.  I had things to do, yes but husband worked all night which meant he slept most of the morning when I was going to get things done but since I didn't want to wake him with all my chores I decided I had no other choice but to watch my shows on Netflix quietly for him of course!

Tomorrow will definitely be a busy Friday morning for me since I got nothing done today so I think I'll celebrate by going to The Little Big Town concert tomorrow night and enjoying a few drinks!
Have a great weekend!


Terry said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing day. I can't wait for Little Big Town tomorrow night. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree. They just do not make shows like "The Gillmore Girls" anymore. I loved those shows. I adore your velvet pumpkins.