Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ten On Ten

I've made it half way through the week which is great because next week the girls have the entire week off from school.  I am very much looking forward to it and now I only have two more days to go! 

This morning started like every other morning, I woke up, showered, turned on my scentsy and got to making the girls breakfast and got lunches together.

Today was 'Twin Day'
Kayla and her friend planned out their outfits all on their own and late last night Brooklyn's friend's mom and I were texting back and forth to figure out what they could wear.

After dropping the girls off at school I had to go to a doctor's appointment which afterwards I rewarded myself a delicious coffee drink from Coffee Bean and then a trip to Trader Joe's

I can not resist the pretty plants or flowers from there so I came home with some new pretties for the house!

Soon after arriving home it was time to head back out to pick up lil' Ms. Brooklyn and after lunch and homework she enjoyed a little bit of time on her tablet.

While she was enjoying her tablet a pretty pillow I had ordered arrived on my doorstep 

Wednesdays are early release day for Kayla so we picked her up and she came home and got started on her homework

 I got together a grocery list of a few items I need to get tomorrow morning

The girls both have practice this evening which is fine with me because we are having the most amazing February weather.  I think I'm pretty much ready for Spring and Summer, let's just forget about Winter.  I'll take the warm sun from here on out!


Billie Jo said...

I always feel so peaceful when I visit you here, Shannon.
Your home is so lovely.
Enjoy your break next week with the girls!
And we are finally getting some snow here!

Kelli said...

Looks like a great day. We used to have next week off as well but a few years ago they did away with it!:(
I picked up the same ivy topiary this week from trader hoes.