Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Last Week of April

It's May 1st today which means there is only one month left of school!!! #soexcited
This week was a busy one with softball in the evenings, both girls having awards assemblies and running around getting things ready for Kayla's 9th Birthday!!!

Thursday afternoon Kayla received her student of the month award.  She waited very patiently all year for this award and very much deserved it!!! 
I know the next few pictures are blurry but I had to post them just so you could see her excitement.  Below the Vice Principle is getting ready to read the notes on the back of the award and was in dissabelief that she has read 1,669,737 words so far this year!!  

"Kayla is an excellent paragraph writer and puts excellent effort in all academic areas"

So proud of her!! 
She also received her read a thon medal and award as well.

After her awards assembly it was time to go home and since daddy was also with us we decided to celebrate our girls with some delicious frozen yogurt!  Brooklyn was also receiving her read a thon medal the next morning.

In the car on the way home from yogurt Kayla pulled out a book she checked out from the library to read to Brooklyn.  Brooklyn loves sloths and loves to crack us up with her sloth impersonations.

Brooklyn reading before school in bed this week, she is still doing amazing with her reading tests, and loves it.

Friday was her day to receive her read a thon medal and boy was she excited.  She smiled the entire time she stood up there!

Friday night we went to a bowling party with some new friends we met through softball.  Both hubby and their dad are helping coach Kayla's team and Kayla and his daughter quickly became good friends.

Kayla and her new best buddy had so much fun, they danced bowled and giggled all night!

and Brooklyn already knew her little brother since they were in preschool together

Watching my girls making new friends is probably one of my favorite things as a parent.  It's pure joy watching them find someone that they can giggle with and have fun with.

Saturday morning bright and early we were freezing at the softball fields watching Brooklyn's second to last game of the season.

I'm going to miss this team when the season is over.  These girls were so much fun and so adorable to watch!

Kayla had a game Saturday afternoon as well and then we had the family over to celebrate her birthday.  I'll be back soon with those pictures but first I had to add in a picture of the girls riding a camel.  When the girls stayed with my parents last weekend they got to ride on a camel and if you look closely Brooklyn looks terrified, luckily she was fine once the camel started moving but the picture is just too cute!


Billie Jo said...

Yay for your readers!!!
Yay for May!!!
Have a good week, my friend.

Tara said...

Congratulations to both of your beautiful girls! Oh and the roses... those roses!