Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Recap

This weekend flew by but that is fine with me since we only have one more weekend to go and then we will be well on our way to Summertime!!!

Friday night we took the girls to a local minor league baseball game.  They both received two tickets each for meeting their read a thon goals from their elementary school.  There were a couple dates to go but Friday night was the night most of the people from their school were going so we met up with some friends and had some fun.

Obviously they were exhausted from staying up late!

Saturday morning Kayla had her final softball game of the season.   The girls waited patiently for hubby and I to get ready while annoying our poor kitty.

The sky has been so pretty lately filled with white fluffy clouds.  It was the perfect day to end the season.

Unfortunately Kayla's team lost the championship but coming in 2nd place isn't too bad at all.  I had  told her she could have a root beer if she got a hit the last few games and even though she never did I still surprised her with a root beer to celebrate the end to the season.

I had mentioned to hubby a few days before that I wanted to get a foosball table for the front room so the girls could enjoy it when friends come over and we could all play.  He found one on craigslist Saturday morning so after the game he picked it up and we played all weekend long.  The girls even played this morning before school.

Since the table is a lot bigger than the one I was looking at the entire room has to be reconfigured out.  This is what Sunday afternoon looked like for my hubby.  His once comfy racing room turned into a couchless mess.  Eventually it will look nice again, hopefully soon!!!

Sunday afternoon I was called out to take a look at this,
look how happy they are!
I was not, Brooklyn was so excited to be in Kayla's old booster seat and Kayla just in a seatbelt.  How did it already come to this??  I need my babies in baby seats again!

Sunday ended with me baking some cookies while daddy and the girls played in the yard

I'm so excited that in less than two weeks just about everyday will feel like a Sunday!


Billie Jo said...

Your girls are the sweetest!!!
And that picture of your hubby?!
I've seen that many times with Steve when I get an idea!!!
Yay for almost summer!!!!

Tara said...

The cookies!!!

Kelli said...

We have a minor league baseball team in our town as well and love going to their games.
Your cookies look wonderful...what kind are they?
Isabella finished finals today and the other two get out Thursday..., yay for summer!!