Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Beachfront Camping

This past weekend we went camping down at one of our favorite spots....Silver Strands on Coronado Island!   We were all super excited, especially me because I had been having major camping withdrawels!!!

The best part of this trip is that we scored beachfront which I don't know how we'll every camp any other way.  I'm already hoping I can find front row next time so I can book that and then cancel the spot we have that is not.  It was so nice being able to walk right out of the trailer and see this every time!

When we arrived Friday afternoon it was overcast and cold but the girls still played in the water for about 45 minutes and then we told them no more because we were freezing on the sand!

Then they scootered around for a bit before we ate dinner

I tried out a new camp recipe with potatoes covered in cheese and bacon topped with sour cream, they didn't last very long, they were so good

After dinner Kayla and daddy were in the trailer playing card games while Brooklyn and I decided to head down to the water to enjoy the views.

Brooklyn loves wearing these glasses which by the way are fake.  She's such a cutie!

Saturday morning I woke up and walked down to the ocean alone and spotted dolphins EVERYWHERE!

Not only were there a ton of them but they were full on jumping out of the water and playing really close to shore.  I've seen dolphins numerous times but never have I seen them jumping and doing tricks except of course at Sea World but not in the actual ocean.  

I had to go and get the girls of course and we stood there for a long time watching the dolphins play

We got hungry eventually so we grabbed our breakfast burritos I made beforehand and sat back down on the beach to watch the dolphins some more while we ate.

Best morning view!

Saturday was sunny and the girls were ready to play on the beach by 9am

Our friends came down around noon to spend the day with us and after more time in the sun we got cleaned up and moved the fun back to our campsite.

The girls all took turns flying a kite

and playing card games 

They also spent a lot of time digging in the sand and of course getting sand everywhere

Us adults played a few rounds of cornhole before it got late and they had to head back home.

On Saturday night Kayla took a walk down to the ocean to enjoy the views while Brooklyn and daddy played games back in the trailer.

Sunday was our day to pack up and head home but not before fitting in some more beach time.

Kayla took Cali on a little walk before loading her up in the car to go home

Within twenty minutes our campers were out for the ride home.

We had a blast and I'm pretty sure this campsite is still our number one favorite!!
We can't wait to go back soon.


Billie Jo said...

You guys have the most fun together!!!
Love your photos, and your family!
Keep enjoying your summer, my friend. : )

Tara said...

Your family has so much fun! I would love planning all of the camper meals. I love your dinner and your burritos. What an awesome weekend!