Friday, August 26, 2016

Life Lately

Last week was hubby's birthday and since it fell on a Tuesday the girls were at school most of the day which kind of worked out since he took the day off and we got to spend it together wih no kids for a bit.   

The girls got dropped off at school and then we went out to breakfast and off to see a movie

There was no soccer practice that night so we enjoyed a delicious bottle of wine and I made pizza calzones per his request

After soccer on Saturday my parents gave the girls a goodie bag from a party we had missed out on.  I think they loved everything in it! 

Kayla does not have any homework, just reading everyday but poor Brooklyn does.  The good thing is that it is handed out on Friday and due back the following Friday so we try to get most of it done over the weekend when we can and cookies help while doing something not so fun!

The girls have been spending a lot of  their time writing and illustrating their own stories.  They are both so creative!

We fit in some swim time at my in laws this past Sunday!!

I miss Summer so much!!!

I swear I've been running errands and shopping non stop since the girls went back to school.  First it was buying gifts for hubby's birthday and now I'm working on presents for Brooklyn's birthday.

Kayla had an ortho appointment after school yesterday and we had a little time before so we stopped for some chocolate milks and a coffee for me

of course we left with ice creams and now purple bands on her braces.  She got the back wires put on yesterday and was fine until trying to eat breakfast this morning which ended up in tears.  

Brooklyn finishing up her homework for the week

and yay it's Friyay!!


Kelli said...

Oh yes I remember when isabell first got,her braces and how hard it was for her to eat...and the tears.
I miss summer also! Funny you said that about running around because I feel the same way. Loving your kitchen and the color change of your walls.
Have a good weekend!

Billie Jo said...

Happy Birthday to your man, Shannon!
Hard to believe you have been back three weeks already!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Tara said...

I love all of your pictures! And oh those sweet stories your girls are working on. Love them! Enjoy all of the party planning. Looks like that breakfast, movie, wine, cal zone birthday was a big hit... and fun for you too! Happy almost fall!