Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Decoupage Picture Pumpkin

Last year I had the brilliant idea to decoupage a fake pumpkin with all of the past Halloween pictures of the girls and us dressed up for Halloween but of course never got around to it so this year when I saw a plain pumpkin at Target just waiting to be decorated I immediately scooped it up and declared this would be the year I actually followed through with my idea.

I used whatever I had on hand to paint the stem

I then printed out all of my favorite Halloween pictures in black and white and got to cutting.  I randomly modge podged them all over the pumpkin and maybe should have thought it out a bit more because it didn't turn out quite as good as I had hoped but that's what happens when I try to squeeze in a craft now a days!   I thought I would have so much more time when my girls were in school all day and now it seems I have much less time for everything!!  Anyway  I got all the pictures on the pumpkin and called it a day.

 It may not be perfect but it sure holds a ton of great memories and it's a fun way for us to look back at all the costumes we have worn for the past nine years on Halloween! 


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This is so cool!!!!