Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Home

We are days away from Halloween which also means the end of another month!  I had big plans to take more pictures of our home as in the family room and kitchen but today our refrigerator in the garage finally died on us so instead of finishing up my pictures I spent the day driving around town trying to find a cheap replacement since I would like to have cold drinks on hand Saturday night when we have all of the family over for our annual Halloween party.   It never fails that a refrigerator breaks days before we are supposed to have people over for something.   The worst part of it is that all of the meat I had just stocked up on was completely thawed and had to be thrown out.   A new refrigerator is on it's way and will be delivered Saturday, hopefully in the morning so I can use it as soon as possible.  Alright on to the actual pictures I do have of our home.....

I just got done painting the entryway from a beige color to this new light greyish color and love it.   I took down all of the pictures I had hanging over that table and until I find something I really love I'm just using this antique window pane.   I don't love it and I don't hate it so it works for now and will most likely be there for awhile now since we just spent money on a new refrigerator.

The living room has pumpkins here and there and a few of my pumpkin people scattered about.


The hanging black cloth and that spider is a favorite decoration around here.  The girls go nuts when they see it hanging, it's always been their favorite decoration that goes up.

I love that little pedestal pumpkin, he's always been my favorite decoration.

The only two pictures I have of our family room are above and below.  The black glitter tree with pumpkin heads sits on our mantel and we light it up whenever we enjoy a good Halloween movie at night.  We've got an entire weekend full of Halloween activities so I'm thinking we'll be spending all day Sunday watching as many Halloween movies as possible!


Billie Jo said...

Shannon, I love your Halloween home!!!
Sorry about the refrigerator.
And the meat.
But here's to a new one freshly stocked for a great party Saturday night!!!!!
Have a spooky fun weekend!

Tara said...

The tree is so cute and I adore the candy corn garland made out of paper plates (by you one of your little sweeties I'm sure)

Sorry about the frig... I hate stuff like that!

Have a fun time at your party on Monday!!

Kelli said...

We had something like that happen to our fridge in the garage a few years back. It made me so upset thinking of all the wasted food.
Your house looks so nice decorated for Halloween.
Enjoy your weekend!