Tuesday, November 29, 2016

First Place!!!

Weeks ago Kayla's soccer team took first place in their end of season tournament!!!  This was her first time winning first place and I'm not sure if we were more excited or if she was.   Her team worked so hard this season and her coaches are amazing, completely building each player on their strengths, teaching them basic fundamentals all season and are beyond patient with a team of giggly girls who at times are too busy chatting to pay attention.

The girls all had their hair sprayed purple and gold for their tournament game and they walked in from the end of the field lining up before the big game

Kayla's team, the Ball Blasters, lost the first game they played but since it was a double elimination the other team had to play them again to try and take first place.   Game two ended with us winning putting the Ball Blasters in first place!

Now that her team won first place the season goes on to play more tournaments in hopes to make it to the state championships.   Practices start up again next week which I may not be excited about because it's cold and I would much rather be watching Christmas movies at home cuddled in a blanket but I know I will be looking forward to their next tournament in January.   Kayla was so proud of her first place medal that later that night when we went out to hang out at a friends house she insisted on wearing it so she could show it off!  

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Kelli said...

Very exciting! Your life sounds like mine..soccer soccer soccer. Does she play comp soccer?