Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thankful for a Week Off Together

It's only half way over but it's been full of fun!  I'm so thankful hubby has had the week off with the girls and I so we could enjoy spending lots of time together.

Brooklyn started off the week of vacation by losing another tooth!

Monday we watched two of the girls' buddies while their parents were at work.  I remembered I had this frozen FunDoe cookie mix freezed outside and brought it in for the them to play with which was perfect because they loved it!

Tuesday morning we drove to The Living Desert.  We always have a great time seeing all of the animals whenever we go there.

Kayla is slowly getting over her fear of dinosaurs even though she is fully aware that they are extinct.  I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be touching this one if it was a meat eater though!!

Both of the girls brought something to carry around for the day, Kayla had her polaroid camera and Brooklyn brought a notepad to list all of the animals we saw.  We joked that we had a little photographer and journalist along for the day.

Oh how I wish they could stay home with me everyday!!!

Kayla's favorite animal everytime, the Fennec Fox.  He is pretty adorable!

The grounds are so peaceful and pretty!

My favorite people to spend this life with!

After a long day of walking we came home and relaxed!

Today we are pretty much spending the day doing this;
Christmas movies 
I'll do some baking and I'll make everyones favorite meal of cheese and corn chowder for dinner.

Well most of us will be in our pajamas all day except hubby who I sent out early to pick up some items that I needed, doesn't he look cute!  Trust me he was thrilled especially when I called him to grab something else after he was already in line to check out.  Oops!  #helovesme

Hope you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving Eve!

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Billie Jo said...

I adore your family, Shannon!
And love your pajama days!
Steve does the exact same thing...going to get those last minute items!
Happy Thanksgiving!