Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas morning started with the girls quietly playing board games together in their room.  They woke up around 6-6:30ish and they knew we would not be getting up that early so before they went to bed on Christmas eve they gathered some board games to play until around 7 when they wandered into our room and asked if it was time.  We agreed to get up after a few seconds of cuddle time and then hubby and I went out to make sure Santa had actaully came and luckily for them, he did!

The girls waited as patiently as they could until we gave them the okay to run out and see what was left by the tree for them.

New boogie boards in their favorite color, a Lego rollercoaster set, American Girl dolls with an assortment of clothing and cute initial pillows for their rooms along with new notebooks.  They always need more notebooks!

They loved their gifts from Santa and were eager to give us the gifts they had picked out and bought for us at their school.   Kayla bought me an adorable glass elephant holding a heart and Brooklyn got me a candle because she knows how much I love candles!  I love to hear why they pick each gift and the thought they put into it.  Next we opened the gifts they had made at school for us, Kayla made two ornaments for the tree and Brooklyn made a photo frame with her picture in it.  My favorite gifts every year are always from my girls whether it is made or something they picked out on their own.

The girls also picked out and purchased a gift to give to each other and when Kayla opened hers first she laughed because she had bought Brooklyn the exact same thing.  I love that they knew out of all of the other stuffed animals that this is the one the other would like the most!

 We spent some more time opening gifts and enjoying the morning that was going by way too quickly.

My favorite part of Christmas morning is the mess of toys and wrapping left behind while the girls look and play with all of their toys.

After all of the gifts were opened we headed into the family room and the girls dug into their stockings one at a time just to make the morning last a little longer.

Then it was back into the living room to rip open some toys to play with while the Christmas day turkey prep and trash clean up began.

The girls dressed and ready for the family to arrive. 

This picture shows their personalities much better!

Brooklyn wanted a picture with her babies

Family arrived and we took a few pictures before I put my camera down for most of the day.  I always think I missed out on taking so many pictures while everyone is actually together but I'm glad I just enjoy the moments more so than running around with a camera the entire time.

Christmas celebratory shots

Glad I remembered to atleast get pictures of the cousins. 

Present unwrapping chaos!  

It always ends so quick and feels like a whirlwind of a day.   We were all so tired by the time everyone left and usually the day after Christmas everything is packed up and put away but this year we are moving at a much slower pace.  I'm enjoying this week off with my girls home and besides celebrating a few birthdays this week in the evenings we will be doing nothing but playing with toys, watching movies and lounging in pajamas most of the day.  I'm going to enjoy every second of having them home all to myself because just like everything else in life it's all going to be over with all too fast!


Kelli said...

It looks like you had a great day Shannon. Love your pictures of the girls on Christmas morning. yoir table looks pretty decorated for Christmas dinner. Enjoy your week.

Billie Jo said...

Oh Shannon!
It was perfect!
Your girls are the sweetest!
And your home and family... perfect!
We are doing the exact same thing here...
Movies and jammies and pizza. : )
Hugs from snowy PA...

Becca said...

Such a fun day! Love the cousin pics!