Friday, December 23, 2016

Polar Express Night

The past three, now four years we have had the tradition of leaving a Polar Express ticket on the girls pillow so that they find it at bedtime.   This year we had it all planned out to go the Thursday before Christmas but due to a storm that was supposed to move in we decided we were going to do it Wednesday night instead so we wouldn't have to deal with rain ruining our visibility of seeing the lights.   Well Wednesday came around and with no rain in the rained and poured all day!!!   With fingers crossed we hoped it would clear up and it did for a bit.   The girls found their tickets just as planned, Brooklyn jumped for joy and everyone got slippers, robes, bathroom stops etc.   Then, the biggest and loudest thunder I have ever heard in my lifetime happened and definitely put a damper on the mood.   The girls usually sleep through thunder and it doesn't really bother them but this was a different story.   There were car alarms going off everywhere and the entire house shook, it sounded worse than any thunder I've ever heard and immediately Brooklyn was by my side and Kayla's tummy was hurting and she was too scared to go.   We assured them it would be fine so we loaded in the car and drove through the pouring rain.  I decided due to the weather we should just drive around town which was fine with the girls.   Most of the lights were turned off and due to the winds that were increasing most of the decorations were blown over so our Polar Express night didn't work out as planned.   I was a bit bummed when we pulled back in the driveway that our plans were ruined but Brooklyn still said she had fun and Kayla just wanted to go to bed so she didn't mind at all.  I had hoped the weather would've been better last night to maybe have a redo but nope it was still windy and raining.   So even though these pictures might look like we had a magical time just remember they are just pictures and things don't always go as we had planned.  The storm is sticking around all the way through Christmas morning so most likely we will not get a chance to make our Polar Express night happen as we would like but we do have a chance of snow Christmas eve which in my book would make up for everything!!! 
Fingers Crossed!

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