Monday, April 10, 2017

Ten On Ten

School days are getting harder and harder to get ready for.  Partially due to the good weather lately and the fact that we had so much fun on Spring Break and are ready for everyday to be filled with fun.  This lovely Monday morning I walked into the kitchen to get breakfast ready to find that the refrigerator was messed up and once again stopped cooling and I had lost all the food.   The freezer was fine, it is always fine but the fridge was not.  This has happened numerous times and seems to always happen right before we are going to be having people over.   When we call people to fix it they have no clue what to do because it always starts to work again.  It's almost like the door was left open but it wasn't, it's very frustrating!  We just bought a new refrigerator for our garage to hold excess drinks and food and now I'm on the hunt for another one for inside the house.   So anywho the day went on and I carried on getting ready.

I dropped my two favorite little girls off at school

and of course this little sweet pea waved bye to mommy a million times before going in the gates, can she please never grow up!???   Kayla just takes off and could care less to wave and blow her mommy kisses.

After drop off I headed to the store to pick up things that I needed that went bad in the refrigerator and then back home to look online for a new refrigerator.  Once that lead me no where and was just depressing I started to work out.

I then emptied out all of our spoiled food and cleaned it from top to bottom.  Oh and of course it's working completely fine now!

I later spent some time sorting through Easter goodies and rearranged a few decorations until it was time to pick up my babies

A little ice cream treat after school before doing homework

Kayla turns 10 in a few weeks and she told me her buddy Micah said he had a birthday present for her and gave her a notebook and two pens.  

Walking through my yard to check on all my rose bushes, they are days away from bursting open and I'm hoping it times perfectly for Easter Sunday!!   I found a few of these sweet little helpers eating all the aphids on my roses.

The girls have not had much homework at all lately so they spend their afternoons playing calico critters together.   Today I sat in the living room with a glass of water and enjoyed listening to them playing together from the other room. They have such amazing imaginations and I love hearing what they come up with.


Billie Jo said...

So sorry about the refrigerator, Shannon.
That happened to me once too.
I hope you find a new one soon!
Enjoy your beautiful days out there.
It was gorgeous here today!

Kelli said...

Sorry about your refrigerator Shannon.
I love your coffee mug and your Easter decorations.
Hope you are having a good week!!