Monday, May 1, 2017

April Recap

Happy May 1st!  We officially have one month left of school and then it's all about Summer!!!  I think saying we are excited is an understatement.  Both of the girls especially Brooklyn are ready.  Brooklyn asks me every single night at bedtime if she really has to go to school??   Only one month left of answering that question and I can't wait.  I know the month will fly by just as April did and since I am so behind in blogging our days here are a ton of pictures of our April.

Kayla has a best friend that bakes all the time and now she wants to learn how to and I'm all for it.  Earlier in the month she baked cookies on her own while I helped a little and made sure she understood the measurements.  She's looking forward to baking her birthday cupcakes this week and hopefully one day we can wake up to her making us pancakes or waffles!!!

Both of the girls love to write stories and Brooklyn decided to write and illustrate her own story about Paris.  I just loved the drawing she did so much so I had to capture it.

We had a free Saturday night to have over our good friends who are trying to move to Arizona which we are all sad about.  Don't tell them but we are secretly hoping their home doesn't sale!!

Daddy was away for the weekend for a brothers weekend so it was just the girls and I.  We went to see Beauty and the Beast and we LOVED it!!  I'm pretty sure it was one of my favorite movies I have ever seen.

After the movies we drove out to my parents house to spend the day with them.  Kayla thought maybe she could drive us all to dinner.

and of course it wouldn't be a true visit to the grandparents without dessert!

Like I said earlier the girls love to write so Kayla has decided to write her own monthly magazine and one of the pages included this adorable how to,

This year our community has planned a ton of activities and an Easter Egg Hunt was one of them.  We walked over to the park for some fun the Saturday before Easter.

Kayla is now too old I guess for pictures with the Easter Bunny so it was just Ms. Brooklyn with the bunny this year.

Just a quick before school picture of my almost 10 year old!

Perks of helping out in Brooklyn's class is being there to see her present her projects.

It was a bug project and she chose to research and build a stick bug

Brooklyn made hubby and I a little gift the other night all on her own.  She made the poem up as well and we loved it!

The weather has been extremely warm and the girls were happy to go to a party with a water slide.  They played all day and all night on that thing

Well except for when they took a break to play some silly games.

This Spring has been amazing having every single night at home with no after school sports happening.  I don't know what I'm going to do when soccer starts in the Fall because being home every night is just too good!

Both of the girls received their Read a Thon awards for making their goals set for them but Kayla also received another Student of the Month award for being so awesome!

Kayla and her very best friend, Tiffany

Friday night we all got dressed up and celebrated hubby's Noni's 90th Birthday

The girls had a lot of fun catching up with their cousins they don't see all the time

and hubby and I enjoyed a fun dinner with family!

and that wraps up our month of April!

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Billie Jo said...

This was so fun!
So many fun and exciting times with your beautiful family...Yay for school being almost done!
Can you even believe it?
Beautiful pictures too!