Sunday, May 7, 2017

May 3, 2017

This past Wednesday we celebrated Kayla turning TEN!   Obviously it was a school day along with Brooklyn's Open House night so we did the best we could to make sure that our special ten year old had a great day!

She came out bright and early to find the kitchen decorated along with a few stuffed emoji's waiting for her.  Daddy also went and picked up donuts for her and Brooklyn before heading into work

She went to school and came home with gifts from her friends and said she had a great day.  She was also excited to walk into the house after pick up and see more gifts from all of us.

Daddy was home early so she got to open all of her presents right away!

After the presents were opened, her and Brooklyn spent the entire afternoon playing with everything, in between taking Happy Birthday phone calls of course!

Since we had Open House the same evening I didn't have time to make a big birthday dinner so instead we went to Kayla's favorite dinner spot, Panda Express.  She was so happy to have her favorite, orange chicken and white rice for dinner!

After Open House it was back home for ice cream sundaes and to sing Happy Birthday to our 10 year old!

She loved her day and was even happy that it fell on a school day because she got to spend it with all of her friends at school!

The Saturday prior to her birthday Kayla, Brooklyn and two of Kayla's besties got to spend all day together celebrating.  First up was lunch together at Red Robin where she opened her gifts while we waited to be seated.

Kayla's new favorite shirt!

Listening to the waiters/waitresses sing her Happy Birthday.

After lunch we headed to Justice, their favorite shopping spot and they each got to pick out a Beanie Boo.

and lastly we all went to see Boss Baby at the movies and of course the Beanie Boo's came along too.

After the movies it was time to take all of these sweet girls home.  Kayla had a great time and so did her sister and friends.   I loved spending the day with these four and realized that even though I am sad my girls are growing up so fast it's not so bad having them grow up into these amazing young ladies!

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Billie Jo said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely ten year old!!!
Shannon, you made a perfect celebration for her!!
Again, I have to say how amazing your girls are. : )