Monday, July 10, 2017

Ten On Ten

It's already the last Ten on Ten of the Summer over here school starts back up the second week of August and we are definitely not ready to go back! Today wasn't even a fun day for me to capture because we had lots of errands to run along with an orthodontist appointment so there wasn't much home time which is always my favorite kind of day!  Atleast getting a lot done today means we can enjoy the rest of the week though.

The girls have swim lessons in the morning this week so I woke up made my chai latte and then made the girls some breakfast.

It's been miserably hot lately and my poor hydrangeas were getting too much sun so I moved them back to the shade and had to cut all the burned blooms off.

The girls were ready for swim lessons and I asked them to go through our fun list and check off what we have done.  Only a few more things to take care of before our Summer is up.

Thank goodness for shade at swim lessons or I would melt!  I love watching them swim though, Kayla is so good and Brooklyn is always laughing or smiling while in the water.

After lessons it was straight home to eat lunch, change and then head out to get some errands ran.  I had an exchange to take care, some birthday gifts to buy but we also looked around for some fun things to add to the girls rooms in between.  We spent all weekend painting and redecorating their rooms over the weekend and there are a few more details to take care of and then I'll share their rooms with you all.  

After what Brooklyn declared "soo much shopping" it was time to go the the orthodontist.  They love coming here because the Pac Man game in the waiting room and....

Ice Cream when we leave!
Kayla is nearing the end of wearing braces, maybe a month or two more, she said she can't wait to chew gum again.

 A quick stop in at Trader Joe's and then we were back home.  The girls ran straight to their rooms to play together the moment we walked in the door.

I on the other hand have a whole lot of laundry to get done along with dinner to make but I'm looking forward to relaxing very soon!  Hope everyone else had a much more relaxing Monday than I did.  

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Cindy said...

Our church is doing VBA this week so I was there at 7:30 to help with registration. I went back to my desk (I work at our church) and started working around 1:00 and finally got off at about 5:30. I usually work a part time job Monday evenings (also at church) but decided to just come home and relax. I cleaned up the back patio, had dinner, took a shower and did a load of laundry. Well okay, it's 9:15 and NOW I'm relaxing! :)

I can't believe you start school the second week of August! Here in Seattle we don't begin until after Labor Day.