Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Back To School

Another first day of school has come and gone!

The girls were up bright and early at 6am, they made their beds and Brooklyn even got dressed right away.  I had some fun activities set out for them to do while I made them breakfast and put together lunches.

It's pretty rare that I'm up and the girls are up ready early enough to actually make and eat breakfast.  Usually it's just something quick pre-made or cereal.  We sat and chatted for a bit while we ate and then then finished getting ready because they knew there would be pictures to take.

Brooklyn was excited for her first day of 2nd grade and she was ready first this morning, another rarity around here.

Kayla was up next and I'm not okay that she was off to her last first day of elementary school.   All I could think of was how am going to take her to middle school next year?  Do I just drop her off and leave her?  I can't walk her in, can I?  I'm going to have no control of what teacher she gets, I will not be able to see her or help out in her classes's all too much.  So I basically did my best to try and not think about it at all!

My two girls ready to conquer 2nd and 5th grade!
Both of them picked out their outfits and shoes for the first day.  I love seeing what they choose to wear and how it reflects their personality.  

Once we arrived at school Brooklyn ran off with a new girl that is in her class, I know her mom so I asked Brooklyn if she would be alright hanging out with her and helping her feel comfortable because she didn't know anyone.  Sweet Brooklyn was excited to be her new friend and show her around the school.  They got along good and Brooklyn said they ate lunch together and hung out throughout the day.

Kayla and some of her friends chatted nearby for awhile and then disappeared.  Right before the bell rang I ran over to get a quick picture of her and her best buddies.  The girl next to Kayla is Alex and they spent most of the Summer talking on the phone and face timing each other.   Then next to Alex is Tiffany, Kayla and Tiffany are best friends and a lot like.  Then Carly is another friend of Kayla's.  I can't believe they are all big kids on campus this year!

I walked with Brooklyn into her class before saying my final goodbye.  She kept saying "wait not yet, Mommy" and it worked a few times but then it was time to go.  I told her I'd see her in a few hours and that she would have a great day with her teacher.  One final kiss and I walked out the door.  I caught up with some moms for a bit before climbing in my truck to head home.  Once I was in the safety of my truck the tears came.  I am sad every year but this year is different because I know it's the last for so many things.   Kayla's last year in elementary, the last year for awhile that the girls will be together at the same school and the last time I'll probably ever get to watch them hold hands or walk arms wrapped around each other at drop off.  I'm going to miss those sweet gestures they share so much next year!

I stayed busy with housework and a few errands so the day went by sort of fast and I was so happy to see these happy girls at pick up!  They both had a great day and love their teachers.

They came home to a little surprise and we chatted about their days.  Eventually Kayla went to her room to read and Brooklyn played with her legos before we ate an early dinner and then headed to Kayla's soccer practice.   The girls were both in bed by 7:30, exhausted and by the time I finished cleaning the kitchen and prepped for lunches the next day it was 8, I plopped on the couch and didn't think I would be able to move to make it to bed that night I was so tired.

Getting up this morning was difficult for us all, the girls said they were too tired to even cut their own waffles and both of them have jello legs from their soccer practices and all the running and drills.   Brooklyn already asked if she really had to go back to school this morning so it looks like we are right back in the swing of real life around here.  Needless to say we are all looking forward to Friday!


Billie Jo said...

Once again, you made a special day even more so.
Your girls looked as if they had a great morning and a great day.
Job well done, Mom!
And...I have to tell you...years ago, when Madison finished fifth grade...I fretted all summer long.
I couldn't imagine her not wearing her little jumper to school. I couldn't imagine her not being in elementary school.
But...God is good...because by the time school rolled around, and she started middle school, I realized SHE was ready.
She didn't belong in that little elementary school uniform. She was ready for the middle school life.
It was sooo comforting.
I know now exactly how you feel.
And it will be like that all year.
A year of lasts...
But next year?
Next year she will be ready.
And so will you.
And it will be a yer of firsts.
And it is good.

Cindy said...

You did such a great job creating special memories on their first day! Some of your pictures brought back memories of my girls when they were headed off to school. Backpacks on; sitting at their desk... another school year begins!

Becca said...

I love their back to school outfits! I can't believe Kayla is in fifth grade! Ahh!