Sunday, August 6, 2017

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Yesterday we had a birthday celebration out in Los Angeles which is about two hours away from us so we decided that we might as well make a day out of it and cross off a museum that we had been wanting to go to while we were out there.  We woke up bright and early and arrived to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles just as it opened at 9:30.   The museum was not crowded at all and  we enjoyed the entire museum so much!  

All the rooms were great and Kayla ended up exclaiming that the Dinosaurs were her favorite part!  As of Friday she was determined that she would not even enter the dinosaur wing, she has been terrified of dinosaurs forever and we told her she needed to walk through with us and that she could look down at a book or the map but we were all going together and wanted to experience it as a family.  Saturday morning she told us she would go through it and she did fine the entire time obviously enjoying it and even posing near them as well.  We were so happy she did not get eaten by them as she thought she might!

I loved all of the animal exhibits and even learning about a few new ones along the way.

There were few hands on rooms for the kids to enjoy which made a nice break from walking from exhibit to exhibit with them

Kayla and her Koala

I could not get Kayla to pose underneath the Polar Bear but I'll take it since we actually got her near the dinosaurs

We were so happy we made it out to Los Angeles to visit this museum.  Now we just need to visit the others we've had on our list!

We left the museum around 2:30 and headed over to hubby's grandma's 87th birthday celebration.  Below is Brooklyn and cousin, Tessa.

Grandma with her grandchildren and great grandchildren 

It had been awhile since we had all been together at the same place and she was very happy to have her entire family together. 

She loved visiting with the girls

and enjoyed Brooklyn's extra long hugs!

It was a full day but we a lot of fun.  School starts in just two days and I'm so sad that these carefree days full of adventures will be far and few. Our Saturdays will be full of soccer and Sundays will mostly be a day of rest, school work catch up and maybe a family outing her and there but the lazy days of Summer have just about come to an end.

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