Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Ten On Ten

Happy Tuesday Ten on Ten!
Yesterday was a holiday which meant today was pretty much our Monday and thankfully now we only have 3 more mornings to wake up for school left this week!  After staying up late and sleeping in late for the past four days it was rough getting back to our morning school schedule but we all got out the door on time.

We camped at the beach this past weekend so today I had a whole lot of laundry to tackle which I'm still doing as I type this.

I also decided I'd mop the floors today as well, might as well make it a cleaning day since I'm home all day today.

I made sure to spend some time catching up on a few shows I had recorded over the weekend with a yummy candle lit of course.

Cali was dropped off around noon and is back home with us.  My father in law watched her while we went camping.   She comes along with us most of the time but she's getting older and is not as well behaved as she used to be so we sometimes choose to leave her with him.  She is much happier I think with that decision so it's a win win for us all.

Whenever I'm away from home I always get all of these great ideas of things I want to do around the house so today while I was home I moved a piece of furniture we had at the end of our bed into the family room to use as a side table next to our sofa.  I really like it here so I think it will stay.   Now I just need to figure out what will go at the end of our bed in it's old spot.

I picked up the girls from school and they quickly grabbed a snack before starting on homework.  Kayla happily modeling her snack of choice for the day.

Time for some reading

Yay for daddy coming home to take these girls to soccer practice

which meas mommy can enjoy this glass of wine and watch the season finale of Chesapeake Shores in the quiet of my house!!

Tuesday didn't turn out to to be too bad at all.


Billie Jo said...

Love your day, Shannon!
Love the time you had at home with a candle and your shows.
And I also love your little ones with their after school routines.
But best of all? Daddy taking them to practice!
I love those days!
Have a cozy week. : )

Kelli said...

I always love seeing pictures of your house Shannon.
Chesapeake Shores...I have not heard for this show...what is it?

Tara said...

I love changing around things in my house... okay, so I USED to but now (sob) I just don't have the time to... love your posts Shannon!