Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas 2017

Christmas morning the girls were up early as usual but they didn't come wake us up until around seven either way hubby and I were still tired after staying up late the night before.   We laid around until a little after 7:30 because it's fun to watch the girls squirm a little sometimes ;)

Eventually we got up and took a look around to make sure Santa had left, I took some pictures and we got our coffee/chai lattes ready

The girls waited down the hall as patiently as they could until we told them they could come check out their gifts which meant running full speed down the hall.

Santa left a few fun items that they had been wanting this year and they also had a few gifts under the tree from mommy and daddy as well

Kayla loves dragons so I was so excited to find her a beautiful leather bound dragon journal and a book on how to draw dragons.  She loved it and has already been practicing her dragon drawings

Miss Brooklyn with her unicorn blanket and make up set.

Along with other gifts we got the girls personalized soccer water cups for their rooms because they love having water by their beds along with tickets to an indoor soccer game that we went to the other night.   We had a great time and the girls enjoyed the game a lot!

My gifts from my babies are always my favorite.  The girls pick out presents for each other and for hubby and I at their schools holiday shop and they are always so excited to give their gifts to us.  This year Kayla got me this cute Let it Snow sled that will be on display for the rest of the Winter and Brooklyn got me Christmas cozy socks because I am always wearing socks around the house and was in need of some Christmas ones.

Kayla got her daddy the mini power screwdriver and Brooklyn got him some headphones which are perfect for him to use at work or at home while he plays video games.  I didn't get a picture of the gifts they got each other but Kayla picked out an emoji blanket for Brooklyn and Brooklyn got Kayla some green silly putty

Brooklyn made these snowmen at school for our holiday gift and she also made a snowman ornament for the tree as well.

Kayla made the Christmas tree ornament in her class.  It's always bittersweet packing up these homemade gifts but they are my favorite to pull out year after year.

After all of the presents were opened and a few were played with the girls wanted to check out what was left in their stockings.

Santa knows me so well, a cd, my favorite candy, a candle, and another coffee mug, because I love mugs

As soon as all of the gifts were seen and opened the girls gathered all their Pokemon cards and got to work putting them in their new collectors binder.  Kayla had been talking about getting one for weeks so thank goodness Santa got her the perfect one for all of her cards!

A quick breakfast before we started clean up and prep for the rest of the day.

The girls played their new video games before getting ready.

All dressed and ready for the family to arrive.

This year my brother and his family could not make it because my nephew was sick so we missed having them with us.  Christmas seemed so much quieter without all the cousins playing together.  We also missed having my grandfather here with us who just recently passed away on December 6th.   I'm thankful though that my grandmother made it and seemed to really enjoy herself and spent a lot of time with the girls.

There we lots of presents to open

Christmas evening I was a bit disappointed that it was over as I always am but I was also thinking how Christmas didn't go quite the way I had planned.  I felt like I didn't get the chance to enjoy it as I usually do and I was sad that my grandfather wasn't here with us but after going through all of these pictures I realized the girls had an amazing Christmas and that I am just thankful for the fact that we got to enjoy the holiday together with most of our family.  I'm thankful that I had the chance to know my grandfather as well as I did and that he was close to my girls and a part of their lives before he left us and since today is his birthday I want to wish him a Happy Birthday!!!!   

Only 2 more days left of 2017!


Billie Jo said...

I sometimes think I don't have the words to tell you how amazing you are.
You have a way of creating the most beautiful, cozy home for your family.
You create and continue such lovely traditions that center around your family.
And your girls are always so happy, and seem to be each other's best friends.
I know exactly what you feel on Christmas night.
I feel the same...
Sad that it is over, and sad because each year that passes means my kids are getting older.
I can promise you that even when they are older, it is still fun.
A different fun...but still fun!
Anyway, I am rambling!
Happy New Year..To my friend that I know feels as sad as I do that our time of year is over again!

Billie Jo said...

OH...And I am so sorry about your Grandpa.
Hold him in your heart.

Cindy said...

What a fun, festive Christmas! You always seem to think of everything! Glad you had a great day!

Becca said...

We we're sad we couldn't come! It looks like you had a great Christmas! Happy birthday, Great Papa ♥️