Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Weekend Recap

We had such a great three day weekend.   Friday morning I helped out in Brooklyn's class as usual and I helped the kids type up their sweet Valentines day poems they wrote for their parents.

After school Kayla went to a friends house while Brooklyn and I headed to the library to pick up a few books from her favorite series.

The girls both had soccer games Saturday and Sunday so Saturday after their games we headed to lunch with my parents and then home for a relaxing evening at home.   I read in the living room for atleast an hour while the girls played video games in the room next to me.  

Their favorite game right now is Little Big Planet which makes them giggle and crack up.  I love listening to them have so much fun together.

When I walked out to the family room I saw this.
Our cat is the most spoiled cat ever especially lately.

Sunday mornings games were at 8am and about 20 minutes away but we were ready!!

Once again livin' the dream

Kayla and one of her teammates had asked for a sleepover awhile ago and I figured Sunday night was the best time to do it.   This was Kayla's first friend to ever sleepover and they had sooooo much fun!   There was a little hiccup in the middle of the night with Kayla waking us up complaining that she couldn't sleep but after a bit of thinking I figured out it was because I had a small lamp on in the kitchen that was probably keeping her up.  Problem was solved and all was good after.

Their night consisted of chinese food, watching Alice Through the Looking Glass, video games, fooseball, soccer in the backyeard, playing monkey in the middle with Brooklyn and building a fort in the family room where they spent most of their time hanging out.  Her mom told me that she said it was the best sleepover she had ever been to. Mission accomplished.

I bet the homemade donuts helped with that decision!

When she left Monday morning she invited Kayla to come swim at their community pool with some other girls for a little bit.   They all know each other from soccer and had fun being crazy together.  The pool was FREEZING and it was only about 69 degrees out but they all took turns jumping in and then warming up in the jacuzzi after.   

We love a good three day weekend and yay to only 4 days of school this week and then we'll be ready for the weekend again!

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Billie Jo said...

So much happiness and smiles in one post!
And now it is almost Thursday!!!