Thursday, April 12, 2018

Spring Break Camping

A few weeks ago while the girls were on Spring Break we went camping.    We knew we wanted to do something fun over Spring Break and had atleast two other destinations, which had to change due to weather issues, before landing at our final camping spot.   We have camped at Vail Lake several other times but they were always with friends so we never really got to explore much while there.   

We had not camped since November so we were so happy to be camping again.   With soccer every weekend our family trips don't happen much so fitting them in whenever possible is important.  

Best Buddies cuddling on the couch while waiting for us to get out and explore.

Hubby suggested we drive to the Palomar Observatory which was a very twisty drive up, not so good for my motion sickness self.  I survived though and felt fine once I stepped out into the cold air.  It was beautiful and new experience for us all.

Their were some great stops to look out at the world below on the way down which I'm happy we made it back to after a deer ran out right in front of the us and we had to slam on our brakes.  Thank goodness nobody was behind us!

We stopped at a nature preserve on the way down and decided to hike along their trails for a while.

It was beautiful and I very much enjoyed it as did my husband but the girls on the other hand were over it!   They complained non stop and whined the entire time.   We did our best to ignore the attitudes and enjoyed ourselves regardless of their annoyances.

Kayla giving Brooklyn a piggy back ride because they had to walk so much it was unbearable!  Sometimes I wonder how we hiked nonstop for three straight days in Zion, Utah?  Nobody complained there and those hikes were hard!

Back at the campground everyone was happy again.  Kayla went inside to do some writing while Brooklyn rode her bike around.

The girls came up with their own game that evening which they played pretty much non stop for the rest of the trip.

Our little camping pup

S'mores after dinner

Kayla had us cracking up around the campfire.  She is so funny sometimes and I think her laughing at herself most of the time is what makes her so hilarious.

All of my girls enjoying themselves

The next morning we chose a nearby hike 

Thankfully everyone was in a much better mood!

 There were tadpoles everywhere so we were hoping to find some frogs but no such luck

We did see lots of butterflies and a few large paw tracks.

After our hike we came back and ate lunch and then spent the rest of the day relaxing.  The girls rode bikes and played their game they made up.  We eventually showered and then headed into town to eat at a favorite burger place for dinner.

It was so delicious!

The girls got a complimentary dessert since the waitress made a mistake with their orders.

The next morning we packed up and headed back home.

Our little camping trips are much needed and I miss being in that trailer with us all together as soon as we have to leave.   I can't wait for our next trip in a a few months!

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Cindy said...

Such beautiful views on your hike! I don't know if schools still do this but I went to Mt Palomar for 6th Grade Camp. Your pictures brought back so many memories!