Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mother's Day Weekend

When I walked out to the living room Saturday morning I found Brooklyn as comfy as could be eating a bowl of chocolate cheerios while watching cartoons.   I'm pretty sure she has the right idea of what a weekend should look like!

Kayla had a soccer game around 11 so after her game we all came home at lunch, showered and then headed to a nearby brewery to enjoy some beers with friends.   Hubby had said we would go to sushi for dinner that night for a pre-mother's day celebration and then I added in meeting some friends at a nearby brewery for some extra fun.

My brother and sister in law had told me about the brewery and I had been wanting to check it out because they said they had things for kids to do so the adults could enjoy their time

They had fun playing giant jenga, foosball, giant connect four and a few other games,

while we enjoyed hanging out and catching up with our friends.

My brother and his family ended up showing up as well!   We didn't even know they would be there but since they were in the area house shopping they had arranged to meet their friends at the brewery as well.

After the brewery our family went to try out a sushi spot we had not been too.

The girls loved their teriyaki bowls and we loved our sushi.   Kayla would not try the sushi but Brooklyn tried it and said she liked it.

Before we went home I had to run into Trader Joe's to pick up my favorite flowers....
I wait all year for them, they are only available for about a month and Trader Joe's is the only place to sell them.

Sunday morning I woke up to gifts from my girls and hubby.

The family got off easy this year and didn't have to make me breakfast.  We were heading over to my mother in laws for brunch and I knew I wanted to be hungry because she always has a ton of food.  Everything was so delicious!

She even made us some affogatos and lucky for me she gave me a stove top espresso maker so I can now make them at home for us!

It was cold and drizzly this mothers day but the sun came out for about an hour so we took a couple of pictures before it got cloudy again.

The boys did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen while we got to relax.

Later that day we headed over to my parents house to celebrate with my mom, grandmother and sister in law.   The cousins got to playing together right away

Four Generations

Mother's day seemed to fly by this year but it really was a lot of fun and I loved having a day to celebrate with just us and then with all of the other mothers in our family.  We came back home and slipped into pajamas and then watched some tv before heading to bed.   My sweet kitty made sure to get some extra cuddle time in with me before the day was over.  I think he knew it was a special day for me.

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Billie Jo said...

A beautiful Mother's Day for a beautiful mother!!!
Such pretty pictures too! : )