Friday, December 1, 2023

Halloween 2023

The Saturday before Halloween we all went to a Halloween party.  

Brooklyn came up with this clown costume all on her own and did her make up as well!

The day before her school had a Halloween dance and she used pretty much the same costume but was cupid.  Love her creativity!!!

Kayla rummaged through my costume box and put together her scary Dracula costume

Chris and were devils and I loved this poof skirt I found on Amazon.

We were going for a true Halloween vibe this year.

All night Brooklyn would make me laugh because I'd be talking to her and her face was just so sad all night.  It was hard not to stop laughing everytime I looked at her.

I was very happy my devil costume didn't scare away Marty McFly and I got to spend the night holding this cutie!

Halloween was a school day so we were all up early

Brooklyn put together this costume.  She was from the movie Men in Black.  Kayla was an angel but no pictures because she was gone by the time I got back from dropping off Brooklyn.

I set up a fun and festive table for our tomato soup and paninis for dinner.

Kayla is in the Best Buddies Club at her school where they help out with the special ed kids and organize activities for them.  They did crafts this day with them and she made sure to make her mum one as well.

Kayla got home from practice around 5:30, showered and then headed out to hang out with friends for the night. 

Cinderella had to get to the ball so she didn't eat dinner with us.  Brooklyn didn't want to do anything except stay home so we had a cozy night in just the three of us.


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