Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Food

Here is Brooklyn, bed head and all, waiting for her first taste of the tasty rice cereal

Here is what Brooklyn thought of this so called rice cereal

I tried again at lunch time and she did a little better, she definitely enjoys trying to eat on her own

Well after her first week of rice cereal, which was not going too well, we tried the Barley cereal and found our match. She loves the Barley cereal and ate every last bite!

I had to throw this last minute picture in, Kayla decided she wanted to cuddle last night. I am stocking up on these cute sister moments so when they are older and fighting all the time I can go back and remember how cute they were younger together :)


DustyLu said...

So cute! Great idea on taking as many photos now to show how much they love eachother for when they grow up! I have 3 thats a great tool! lulu

Martha said...

Oh I love photos like that with them so young are exactly right too...they are so sweet Shannon!

Lissa said...

I remember those days! Enjoy every minute Shannon!!! It goes by faster than you will ever realize! I mean it!

Tracey said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! I had to switch to oatmeal with all 3 of my kids, none of them really liked the rice cereal!

Happy Tuesday Shannon ~

:) T