Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happiest Place On Earth....

Tuesday morning we woke up and told Kayla we were going somewhere fun today so she had to eat all her breakfast and get dressed fast. She asked over and over again where we were going and we just said it's a "suprise". Kayla loves Disneyland and we used to have passes and go a lot but since Brooklyn was born we haven't gone and we didn't renew our passes but now that things are settled and we have our routine down we thought we could start going again.
When we got there it took her awhile to figure it out where we were but once she figured it out she didn't waste anytime telling us what rides she wanted to go on. Above is a picture of Kayla, we told her to show us how happy she was and this is what we got :)

The day was perfect, the weather was great and nobody, I mean nobody was at Disneyland. We went on every ride atleast twice and stayed til closing.

Kayla's favorite ride is the carousel which she went on atleast 3 times!

The day was great, I could not believe how good Brooklyn was the entire time. Not one cry! She loved looking around and especially loved riding in the double stroller with Kayla. If Kayla looked at her, Brooklyn would crack up.

The highlight of the entire day was at the end of the day during the parade. Kayla got to go out and dance in the parade twice. There aren't too many things cuter or funnier than watching your kid dance and clap along with a giant smile on her face!

We had so much fun and really can't wait to go again!!!


LuLu said...

Ahhhh what a great day you had! Her smile says it all.... huge grin!!!

Faded Plains said...

Disneyland has gotta be one of the things I miss most about living in California...we too use to have passes and would go at night just to get a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie...ah...the memories.

Martha said...

What a WONDERFUL day!!! Especially with it not being busy so you could enjoy it!!! They are so cute and your pictures are great:)