Sunday, February 21, 2010


Before Brooklyn was born we took Kayla to buy some board games thinking it was something we could do with her when the baby was here and it would be good for learning too.

We ended up buying Candyland and Memory. Memory quickly became her favorite! We noticed she was pretty good at it.

Then we noticed she was really, really good at it and nobody could beat her. It has now become sort of an issue, how is this 2 1/2 year old better than everybody at Memory?? She not only beats us pretty much everytime but she also beats the Grandparents as well.

We even tried to make it a bit harder by playing with all the cards thinking it would make it much harder for her to remember where there is a match but as you can see she still won, and she won by a lot!
Well atleast the game worked as far as being something we could do together and helping her learn, except I think it's more of a learning game for us and the Grandparents!


Martha said...

How stinkin' cute! That is just adorable:)

Donatella said...

That was one of my daughter favorit game too... good for her she's got a great memory!! She is a smart little gril... to cute!!

Lissa said...

wow! good for her! kids are so smart!

Morning T said...

We have that same Dora memory game and I've lost countless times at it. Your family is precious!