Friday, February 19, 2010

Look What I Won....

Yesterday I got a package in the mail, and I don't know about you but getting a package in the mail can make my day!! I was the winner of the giveaway that The Vintage Wren had. I was so excited because not only was I getting one item from one of her adorable Etsy shops but I was getting one item from each of her three Etsy shops!!!
These items all came wrapped so cute which made it even more fun to open and find out what I won. Inside was the cutest ring that was made out of an antique earring, some adorable hand knit cloths and 3 cards that she made using watercolors and digital art on a vintage cookbook page. I'm thinking of getting some black frames for these and hanging them in the kitchen!

Thank you again so much for the adorable gifts!


Faded Plains said...

Aren't packages in the mail the best...I always get a little giddy when I receive one.

LuLu said...

I know I love great packaging too!!!
so cute!!!

Audra said...

Fabulous gifts, I love getting packages, it's even better than Christmas! Aren't those pictures just amazing?

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the give away. I can't wait for the drawing!

Bon Chance.

Martha said...

Packages are sooo fun!!! Congrats on winning...looks like you will enjoy them so much!