Monday, February 15, 2010

Painting on Valentine's Day

So did anybody else spend their Valentine's Day painting and enjoy it????

Yes I spent Sunday evening painting our front bathroom and I did not mind it at all. I finally found the colors I was looking for and everything came together and I was just too excited to wait. I am very impatient and have wanted this bathroom finished for a long time and I just couldn't put it off :)

But don't worry we still had a fun Valentine's Day.

It was really warm here so we played outside for a little while

Baked a cake for dessert and Daddy made a delicious dinner for us!

Oh and I finished the bathroom this morning and the best part of all is now I can start on the Master Bedroom :)

Tomorrow I will be spending the morning at the spa getting an aromatherapy massage and pedicure thanks to my wonderful husband and then we will hopefully be finding out that we are getting thousands of dollars back from our taxes followed by dinner for just the two of us :)

So far this week is starting off just perfect!!!


DustyLu said...

Congrats! Moms deserve those kind of day, Lord knows i could use some rr..thanks for your kind commments. Bathroom looks amazing! You chose a soft and serene pallette, perfect for a bathroom.. Great job! ~lulu

FEDERICA said...

Sooo cute!
Thanks for entered my giveaway!
Good luck!

Martha said...

It looks beautiful!!! I love that shelf in your bathroom!!! LOVE IT!

LuLu said...

Look at those sweet faces... so cute!! your bathroom looks beautiful!! Great color.... enjoy your spa day it sounds devine!!!

Tracey said...

Those kiddos are looking awfully cute!!!

The bathroom turned out GREAT!

Terribly jealous you get to have an aromatherapy massage ~ sounds heavinly!

:) T

{the vintage wren} said...

Hi Shannon, looks like we have something in counters. We have that exact granite : ). I'm glad you got all of your goodies. I hope you really liked them. Have a wonderful weekend, and I'm jealous...I so need a massage.

take care, Carrie

Donatella said...

The bathroom looks super!! love the the picture of the little ones too!!