Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whining & Runny Noses

It's been quite a week and it's only the beginning of Wednesday. Kayla is sick and she really never gets sick, this is the first time I have had to deal with her whiny and crying due to her not feeling well. Then poor Brooklyn has a top tooth coming in so she has been super cranky as well.

I've been trying to keep us busy this week. On Monday I ended up rearranging some furniture in both of their rooms and I really like the way it turned out especially in Kayla's room. Her room looks so much bigger now. Last night when I was getting ready to put her to bed she threw a major fit because she wanted her bed back the way it was before. She was fine with it the first night but last night was a different story. It took me about 3o minutes to explain to her I was not going to rearrange the room and even then she was not too happy. She decided to sleep in her Tinkerbell tent which was fine with me. By then I didn't care, just wanted her to sleep and stop crying so I wouldn't have to blow her nose anymore!

On a happier note I think Brooklyn is finally crawling, well I am suspecting she has had it down for awhile but she didn't want anybody to know. She had been caught a few times crawling one or two crawls but if she saw Chris or I watching she would immediately stop. Somehow though if we left the room she would end up on the other side and rather quickly. This morning I actually saw her crawling so I now know she can do it. It's okay though she can still pretend she doesn't know how to do it that makes things a little easier around here.

Well it is cold and raining today, let's just hope the rest of the week is less whiny than it has been. I'm off to do some cleaning and putting together party favors for our Wow Wow Wubbzy Party this weekend. Oh and all of these cute pictures....they are from last week, except for this last one of Kayla she was super happy because we were off to Story Time at the bookstore. For some reason she said she wasn't sick but once we got home it was back to the whining :)


tara said...

I hope the little is feeling better soon, whinning not feeling good usually means whinny mommy in our house! ;) Happy Wednesday!

Martha said...

oh the whininess is never fun...hope they get to feeling better!!! xo Martha

LuLu said...

poor little ones and poor you :) hope the rest of your week ends on a high note!!