Thursday, April 22, 2010

What to Wear...

I'm exhausted and still not feeling 100 % but I have fun ahead so I am taking my Airborne and praying that I will feel better by tomorrow morning.
I spent time today going through my closet trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow night, just as all girls do right?

Isn't it depressing sometimes?

Chris gets annoyed because I have a lot of clothes, which I do but in all honestly pretty much all of them either are too big,

I wore them while pregnant or while nursing so they do not fit now
or too small, hello after a baby things change a bit even if you look skinny again
I can only suck in my stomach so far :)

So all of those clothes that I hang onto for who knows why don't count right? Good thing there are always the trustworthy jeans, I love jeans.

Well I'm good for tomorrow I found my outfit and will be on the look out for some cute affordable summer clothes. I need to actually set a time to pick out some cute clothes for me and realize that Kayla and Brooklyn have enough adorable outfits. It's just hard when you see a cute outfit that only costs $10.00, why can't my outfits be that cheap?

Anyone know where I can find these for $10.00 each...........

Last 4 pictures from here

Thanks :P


Martha said...

You are going to look great Shannon!!!! I love your outfit! That top is GREAT!...and I completely understand about summer clothes...
only if they were $10, right?

tara said...

That is a darling outfit missy!! love that pink shirt! Have you ever seen those stores that have clothes for $17.00 or under, they are everywhere in orange county, anyways they have cute clothes for pretty cheap, and I figure i get tired of them so quickly that 17.00 sounds good to me! hope you have fun this weekend and hope you are feeling better soon~ xo,T

Kacey said...

Love that top! And those boots! Hope you got to feeling better and had a good time. If you find Anthro-esque clothes for $10, do share! ;-)

Tara / the cinnamon post said...

You put together a fabulous outfit! We have a line of clothes here in Canada that is called Joe Fresh...and they did an Anthro esque t-shirt with ruffles for only $12. I only bought one. I should have bought more. I went back and they were gone. If I see them again...what's your size?