Monday, April 19, 2010

Hoping you are having a...

Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, ours flew by. We had a great time at the Lady Antebellum show. I didn't take my camera in but managed to use my camera on my phone to get some pictures, here is one of them while they were singing "I Need You Now"...I love that song :) They were so much fun to see!

Chris took Friday off so we just hung out all day. Here is Brooklyn stuck which seems to be what she does best now that she figured out she could move around. She isn't quite crawling yet, well she can crawl backwards, but she is good at scootin' and worming her way around.

Kayla has been extra cuddly lately and extremely difficult, she wants me to hold her all the time and do everything for her. I thought this was supposed to happen right after the baby comes along but apparently she has been picking up on some of Brooklyn's needy traits.

This is a shot of what Brooklyn does at night, while Chris and I are watching t.v. she usually lays next to me in the boppy but if she wakes up and realizes she is not right next to me or touching me she will literally throw her entire body towards me just so she is touching me and then back to sleep she goes.

Atleast this past week I got her taking naps in her crib...even at the same time as Kayla!!

On Saturday we visited my parents since Chris was at the Grand Prix all day. Brooklyn and I ran around all day and did some Birthday shopping for Kayla while Kayla swam and played with the Grandparents.

Sunday Chris was home and we managed to get some more work done in the backyard. He finished up some touch up on the patio cover while I set my stones for my little Rose Garden sitting area.

It feels like nothing is ever done but I guess that is the fun of it all :)

Today I am sick and wishing I could lay in bed all day but their are two busy little girls that are ready to play and run amuck so off I go...


tara said...

Sounds like a busy weekend, but all good fun...your littles are just darlilng, are you done with 2??

Shannon said...

I'm not sure some days 2 is enough and some days I want one more. I think I will have to wait til Brooklyn is about 2 and go from there. Right now all I can think about is all the stuff I get to do this summer now that I'm not pregnant! How about you, anymore in the future?

Martha said...

Oh I hope you feel better...what a fun weekend!!! And your patio area looks great too! Of course those little darlings look cute as ever!

Tracey said...

Hi Shannon! How fun that you got to go to a concert!! That photo of your little one laying on you while she sleeps is so precious! I enjoyed all of your photos :)

Hugs and happy week to you ~

:) T