Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 Day Weekends

Are meant for fun

and if you asked Kayla or Brooklyn

they would tell you

they had a blast!

What kid doesn't like swings?

We could barely get Kayla off to go home

She was happy again once again
when she found out that a
Chocolate and Brie Panini was on the menu for lunch

We spent most of the weekend outside, as it should be spent

running through the water

playing with squirt guns

and planting our new Lemon and Orange trees

Monday we ended our weekend with some Margaritas, chips & guacamole and a great dinner.

If we weren't excited for summer already,
we are now :)


becca said...

How did Kayla like her margarita? :P

Martha said...

what a fun weekend Shannon!!!! They are so stinkin' cute I tell ya...but you already knew that:) Sounds so perfect...outside just as it should are so right!

Blondiensc said...

Sounds like a wonderful looong weekend!!! your littles are just darling~

Kacey said...

You make summer sound blissfully perfect!